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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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Well, if Hernandez & Wolcott (cut by Cleveland for attempted murder charges) beat the rap(s), at least they'll have a place on the Bengals.
All jokes aside, I really don't ever want to hear the phrase "the Patriot way" ever again. The media would have you believe that the Patriots are this model to be emulated of players that play the game unselfishly and play the game the "right way." Here is a list of those players from the last few years that make that phrase bullshit.

1. Cory Dillon (Lots of problems elsewhere but kept his nose clean in NE for the most part)
2. Albert Haynesworth (Refused to get in playing shape)
3. Randy Moss (Productive for a while but ultimately was a clubhouse killer)
4. Aaron Hernandez (Cut him after murder charges, no brainer)
5. Tebow (Good clubhouse guy, hard worker, but still a huge media distraction)

They don't have these mythical saintly standards for their players. They are well coached and they have arguably the best QB to ever play the game leading their team. They will win consistently until Brady can't go anymore. If Bellicheck thought he could win with Michael Vick a few years ago he would have been making conjugal visits on a weekly basis. They love to make fun of teams like the Jets and Cowboys for being a media circus but then troll the world by signing Tebow.
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