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Re: Interviewing someone for a job...

It's kind of funny that this is coming up now. I have a coworker and the two of us are really the only ones in our department who do the kinds of work we do. He was diagnosed with throat cancer in late February (I feel bad for him, but he also has a crappy attitude, which complicates all of this even more), and while he was supposed to return in late May, the most recent information we have is "maybe in late July". In the meantime I've had to do tasks that I've never done before and that it could be said he "casually" documented. I'm also, of course, doing the work of 1.75 people (my manager's helping me but there's a bunch of stuff he also doesn't know how to do).

Anyway, even in a best case scenario if/when my coworker returns, this seems like a rather pointed reminder that he's not going to be with the company forever. Given that the only other person familiar with what he does is me, I've idly wondered whether, if and when we look to replace him (or possibly add another person to our area) I'll be invited to sit in on the interviews, and whether I'd play an active role or would just be listening in and offering my feedback after the fact. Ironically, while I've often played a part in training new employees, I don't consider myself very patient, very tactful or much of a people person, so if there was an interview going on I'd probably be as nervous as the interviewee. Okay, not really, but you get my meaning...
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