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Re: New Arrested Development! (SPOILERS)

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Yes, the actor who plays Steve Holt (Justin Grant Wade) was wearing make-up and a wig, he does not look like that today. Did you notice he changed the sign on his shop to "Steve Holt! (and Dad) Pest Control"?
I did. I also found an interview where Hurwitz confirms that his change in appearance was intentional and that we were supposed to have the same experience that Gob did. Amazing how well they pulled that off.
TV Guide Magazine: Were we not supposed to recognize "Steve Holt"?
Hurwitz: That was intentional. I loved how we wanted to hide him in plain sight. I wanted audiences to have the same reaction that Gob did, "Wait, that's Steve Holt." Alia [Shawkat] didn't recognize him either. There are so many things that happen this season that are right before your eyes. You really don't see them until the second viewing. There's the thing called the "Selective Attention Test." Look up on YouTube, it explains basically what the whole show is. Source
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Now watch it again. I'm serious, the show is even better on repeated viewings because the sheer density of jokes makes it unlikely that you caught them all on your first viewing, and some jokes only make sense retroactively, the most famous example being Buster's hand chair back in season 1.

My favourite hidden joke is that Tobias is actually a black man with a skin condition that makes him look white.
I heard that Alia Shawkat said that they were going to do an episode where that would be revealed, but nothing came of it. Then I read something similar in this interview. Looks like they were laying the groundwork, and even if they didn't go through with the reveal, they at least continued the gag. Looks like they even lucked out with Shawkat's appearance, since she doesn't look like either of her parents. Unless Hurwitz had plans even as the show was being cast.

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- Steve Holt does look quite different. Was the actor really in make-up? I didn't recognize him either when GOB was talking to him in the bar.
That threw me too, but it was all make up. It was the follow-up to this joke from season 2.
Nice way to retroactively put in some foreshadowing if that's what they did. Maybe I will have to watch this show again. I know I didn't catch everything but I didn't realize it was to this extent. Maybe when the show is truly over after 7 seasons, 3 movies and the web series.

I've also been doing some thinking about why I didn't know about this show and apparently, FOX didn't advertise it, either very well or at all. Looks like they also wanted to dumb it down because it was too complex. More from Alia Shawkat...
I was wondering if you guys feel like you're making this incredible show, and in a way, it's you versus FOX?
I get that feeling always when we get to times like this. When it's like, "Are we cancelled or not?" Otherwise you don't even realize it. We're just working and then all of a sudden it's like, "Whoa, wait, we really are in a battle to stay on the air. And the reason we're in a battle is because we're so different from everything else that's on the air." That's when it starts to come out. The other day Mitch [Hurwitz] came on the set and I was doing a scene with David, and Mitch was talking about how some of the people at the network were angry at him for not making the show dumber. An actual quote from one of the network executives to Mitch was, "You are trying too hard. Just stop trying so hard. We want it to be simpler." She was like, "Have you ever even tried to make it simpler?" They were angry at him for making the show too good. They were like, "You gotta dumb it down, slower pace. Have you ever tried to take out some of the storylines like we asked you to?" He was just sitting there dumbfounded, like, "What the fuck do you want me to do?" And he is the hardest working man you'll ever meet. He really is. The thing that's going to hurt me the most when the show is cancelled, is that the man won 7 Emmys, but he'll never be recognized as one of the hardest working men in Hollywood. He works all the time. He never has any breaks. The writers from season 2 quit because they had to work such crazy hours. And now we just got a fresh batch of young writers who work some god awful hours. But he actually said that the network execs were angry at him for making it too smart. I mean, we obviously know that it's different, but I'm not like, "We're above every show." It's just that we're the ones that have to fight to stay on the air, and fight to make another episode. We definitely appreciate what they give us, but we definitely have a love/hate relationship with FOX. I feel bad because I always make fun of FOX, how it's all made up of reality shows and "Prison Break," but I don't know. I don't know how we fit into their groove. But in my opinion they should be happy to have us. They should appreciate what they have, but of course to them it's all money, and right now we're not making them that much money. Source

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