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Re: Why did Odo send Laas to the Great Link?

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Who is to say that Laas wouldn't have stayed at the Link?
Laas indicated several times that he was much more interested in finding the other Changelings who were sent out into the galaxy than he was in joining the Great Link.

cannicks wrote:
It's likely he may share his people's hatred of the solids, and do what he could to subdue/exterminate them. Remember, he killed a Klingon and showed no remorse since he was a solid.
Laas himself said that he had no interest in conquering solids as the Dominion was attempting and that he preferred to avoid them altogether. Your "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" argument is baseless.

cannicks wrote:
It's that as the Founders were Laas' people too, why should he be denied the opportunity to meet them? It was his home and origin, and if he chose to go, fine. They let Odo go, and all Founders seemingly have equal standing/choice (I see no evidence there are Founder leaders). Odo essentially was a hypocrite, since he denied one of his own species the opportunity to do something he wanted all of his life.
What are you talking about? Odo didn't deny Laas anything. He chose not to accompany him on his journey, but he allowed him to leave without interference. How is Odo a hypocrite for something he didn't even do? If you're going to present an argument like this, you need to provide facts to support your assertions. You've yet to do so.

cannicks wrote:
Just seems that if Odo lived his life in the pursuit of justice, then he should have at least shown Laas what the Great Link was. Why deny somebody their own origin? As for DNA ties, well I'd say a priori most species do have such a thing. Of course this is not absolute, but despite PC people disagreeing, most species do share utmost allegiance with conspecifics.
It wasn't Odo's responsibility to take Laas to the Great Link. Laas was an individual and could have made that decision for himself. He didn't need Odo's help to find the Founders. And Odo was under no obligation to leave his life on DS9 behind to help someone he barely knew. I'll say it again: genetics don't determine one's family. Family is about making deep and meaningful connections with people whom one has many things in common with. Odo had no such connection to Laas despite their common origin, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that he would choose to stay with someone he loved.

As to your final point, you're presuming that all members of given species or ethnic group are alike, which is perhaps the most ignorant POV I've seen expressed in quite some time. Most Changelings may prefer to associate with other Changelings, but one cannot assume that this would be case for everyone.

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