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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

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Last winter, when I was still using a cane and had an infusion pump slung over my shoulder, I decided to try on a cape. The saleswoman heard me tell my friend that I usually don't like loose, floppy clothes, but sleeves were uncomfortable over my PICC line, so a cape would be perfect for a while. So she starts telling me how great I look for someone who's sick, and how many capes she's sold to women who use wheelchairs, and btw what was wrong with me anyway.
It could be much worse, my friend. My godson has CP & is in a wheelchair [well, now its a Rascal scooter thing]. At the mall or movies, people will just stare. Mostly, it is because they just don't know what to say. Often, they are surprised that he speaks so well... they look at the body and assume he's retarded [or whatever the current PC term is].
As somebody who also has CP and uses a wheelchair (part time anyway). I can relate friend. I don't notice getting stared at all that much, but how some people react to me.....ugh. And I will NEVER understand the whole "speaks so well" nonsense. I've been complimented more than once on how well I express myself despite being disabled. As if they can't see that the CP affected my LEGS, not my MIND. But, it DOES perfectly demonstrate the conflicting nature of the current generations "values".
What? Are you trying to say that the current generation treats disabled people worse than past generations? Are you crazy?

It sucks that people have treated you the way they have. Obviously I cannot understand what it is like for you, but I have some idea from starting life with a disability (I was deaf as a child, but my hearing was restored fully by the time I was 12, and my speech was almost normal by the time I was about 10), growing up with a disabled mother (who has both physical and mental disabilities), and working with disabled children. While I would generally argue stagnation -- that there are assholes and idiots in equal proportion in any generation -- the treatment of the disabled is one of the few areas where society has progressed rapidly in only a few generations. While disablism is obviously still a big problem, things are vastly improved compared to the last generation and the generations before.
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