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Re: Dr. Strange-- discussion, casting, rumors ect;

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Garrett Wang
The name of the movie is "Dr. Strange", not "Dr. Dullsville".
What every movie needs is an actor in the lead. You may have regarded Harry Kim as dull, but Garrett Wang was acting. And acting well enough you have confused the actor with the character. What I'm really serious about is the desirability of casting Strange with an Anglophone Asian. Since it would be nearly impossible to resist the pressure for an origin story, the actor cast should be midthirties, since peak earnings for physicians tend to come years of training and after student loans are paid off. How many male native English speaking Asian actors of that age have any track record as actors? They'd be good candidates too.

Also, see below.

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It's literally the worst casting suggestion I have ever seen.
The same post cited Sendhil Ramamurthy! Were you not paying attention? Mohinder was devastatingly dull. (Also, might be too young.) Again, what experienced Asian actors of this age are there?

Keanu Reeves did Constantine, as well as carrying the baggage of being Keanu Reeves. It'd be like casting Michael Chiklis as the Hulk.

As long as we're turning back time, agreed that Pierce Brosnan would be good. But I think Montgomery Clift or Tyrone Power or Gregory Peck might be even better.
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