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Re: Starfleet youth devlopment program

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In America's high schools the military operates JROTC programs. Do you think Starfleet would operate programs like JROTC in Federation schools? Do you think a Starfleet youth program would be controversial and some educators would decry Starfleet's militarization of youth?
Speaking as someone who did four years of Army JROTC in high school, it is hardly military, though part of that could be growing up in a military household since birth. God, some of those other cadets...

I could see something similar in Federation schools, but they do seem to be more of a hands-on, on the job training type of organization, giving them a chance to get experience working alongside actual Starfleet personnel in bases and such. They do early entry into the Academy too, which can start very early. Just look at the entry candidates in the first season episode "Coming of Age". He was just barely 16.

I'm sure there would be controversy in anything involving Starfleet. Even though it regularly claims to not be a military organization there are always going to be plenty of people opposed to it, particularly anything involving children. Hmm, that could have been a fun plotline in TNG had they gone with Geordi as a ship's school teacher. Field trips and training for some of the older youth and such. Though I think we would be making a lot of Reading Rainbow in Space jokes had they gone down that route.
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