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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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But if we are looking at some kind of standard cabin module, mostly in use by more than one occupant, the doors would make some sense and obviously have a name sign ("...Garrovick Ensign" left) and door ringer each. Let's say Ensign Garrovick is on duty but his roommate Ensign Ricky is at the working desk. Someone rings for Garrovick. No reply, Garrovick is gone and Ensign Ricky occupied with something else and doesn't have to interrupt his studies or whatever else he is doing to come to the door unless someone is outside "his" door.
That makes sense. I had not paid attention to the locations of the door ringers before. Guess I must start watching the episodes on a frame-by-frame basis

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If there was a bathroom adjacent to the standard cabin it should be the side door in the half that's usually occupied by Kirk's bed. In "The Corbomite Maneuver" cut scene - as Mytran had pointed out and which I didn't pay proper attention to - it was just an extra wall closet for Kirk's uniforms (we can catch a bare glimpse of it open in the background when he leaves his cabin) but episodes like "Mirror, Mirror" and especially "Elaan of Troyius" suggested it to be a bathroom, IMHO.
I concur. But just because the bathroom is located there in the senior officers quarters it doesn´t necessarily mean it has to be there in the crew quarters as well. And if you´d consider two cabins sharing a bathroom located between them, then in one cabin the bathroom would be on one side, in the other cabin on the other side.

I have to stress this again, I´m afraid: I really, REALLY don´t like the idea of shared cabins or shared bedrooms. I mean they are all young, healthy adults. There´s gonna be plenty of romance, intimacy and sex aboard - what else is there to do on board anyway, if you´re not into botany or chess? Would you (or Starfleet for that matter) really ask your crew members to quarrel over "bedroom time" with your roommate like present day college students? They are all grown-ups who have certain standards and expectations as to their living conditions and I´m sure that being able to be alone in their bedroom whenever they want to is among those.

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If a bare-chested captain in blue slippers is no out of the ordinary sight aboard the ship, I'd expect other personnel to be equally undressed coming from or going to a "public" shower.
Seriously, never noted the blue slippers before

But I don´t think Kirk qualifies as proof in this matter: we know how gladly he takes off his shirt in front of everyone ... anyone
The crew´s just gotten used to this sight.

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