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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

Donny wrote: View Post
All right. I know I've said this before, but here are the final shots of the examination room before I move on. I had to get the last few details in, namely the props, the (debated) mirror, and I also added the instrument stand to the right of the examination bed. I could place another on the other side, but it seems a little redundant. (Some episodes featured two, others just one) Opinions?

I also decided against putting the Saurian Brandy in the lit cabinet. Doing so would require shortening the length of the bottom shelf, which was only done in one episode, "The Enemy Within". I can always put he brandy elsewhere. Opinions?

Ack! Just realized I forgot to put some spray bottles in the cabinet. Oh well. I'll have to wait for the next lighting compile.

Donny the stool stacked up on the table for an instrument stand is perfect. I don't think it sticks out much. In fact most people have gone through all these episodes and have never even really noticed that it's even there. It's disappearing into your shots just like it did in all the actual episodes it appears in. I think I wouldn't put one on the other side of the exam bed, too. (On that side of the bed, I think you should have the attachable instrument tray on the bed or another stand, but not both.)

I hear you about shortening that shelf for the Saurian brandy bottles. I'm sure it's just as annoying to deal with that bottom shelf virtually as it has been in real life. I agree with Robert Comsol: I think I wouldn't put the bottle in the cabinet, as cool as it is. I always applauded the notion that alcohol on the ship is kept locked up in McCoy's cabinet. (Even the Captain has to ask for it.) But I'm sure there are other places for it not in Sick Bay. (Perhaps in a Rec Room set like in "Charlie X.")

I like the idea of putting the trigger sprayers in the cabinet, but I think I'd lose it from the bedside stand. (It's bright and catching my eye.) I don't know what tall-ish and colorful thing you could put there instead. <Thinking cap activated.>)

Do we know if the red plant-on by the door is actually that one that you're showing there? (It's an inspired guess even if we don't get any fuller looks at it.)

All in all, I want to live and work in your rendering.
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