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Re: Phase II Enterprise Study Model

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This was a really cool design and I think would have been great to see on screen (even in the form that Price and Loos had built it).
Great work and good to see you back at the Trek BBS (though we never "met" but given our "mutual" interests and October 2012 project starting points, this may change?).

Yes, it is a really cool design and IMHO one that would have more credibly conveyed the notion that we are looking at a refit and not "a totally new ship" (according to Decker in TMP).

Which reminds me of the sketch that Andrew Probert once made. He sketched a TOS Yorktown as a test-bed vessel with some of the new technologies implemented in the final movie Enterprise for a fan production. Starlog Magazine had an article on that.


And in Jefferies' World that would have been "NCC-1701-A" as the "1st Upgrade and Modernize" according to his original TOS sketch.
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