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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Many interesting thoughts to digest, thank you gentlemen!

@ BorgusFrat
I concur, the width and height of the main corridor suggests that Starfleet's Engineering Corps considered the psychological need for space.
The outer corridor on Deck 5 ("Journey to Babel") is equally wide as the inner main corridor ("rank hath ist privileges"?) but I wonder whether the corridor width should stay the same as we proceed to the outer areas. Further out, the radius of the circular corridors will allow ship's personnel to see farther down these corridors (= more "space") and theoretically could be narrower.

@ Mytran
I really like the idea of a higher "bunk bed" in the other half of Cabin 341 with a working desk below it (except it will not show in a 2D blueprint representation ).

Two such bunk beds in the standard cabin would be claustrophobic, thus the empty space above Garrovick's bed provides pyschological space for two occupants of such a cabin. Great idea!
While Garrovick doesn't have to climb into his bed, he needs to go to his roommate's half and the roating closet to get to his stuff. I also have little doubt that 23rd technology would allow for some efficient sort of (visual and audio) separation of the two halfs should the two occupants desire it.

This would also explain the stupid (can't really put that nicely, sorry) concept of having one small cabin with two doors to access it, with the bedroom one being obviously redundant.

But if we are looking at some kind of standard cabin module, mostly in use by more than one occupant, the doors would make some sense and obviously have a name sign ("...Garrovick Ensign" left) and door ringer each. Let's say Ensign Garrovick is on duty but his roommate Ensign Ricky is at the working desk. Someone rings for Garrovick. No reply, Garrovick is gone and Ensign Ricky occupied with something else and doesn't have to interrupt his studies or whatever else he is doing to come to the door unless someone is outside "his" door.

@ Mario de Monti
If there was a bathroom adjacent to the standard cabin it should be the side door in the half that's usually occupied by Kirk's bed. In "The Corbomite Maneuver" cut scene - as Mytran had pointed out and which I didn't pay proper attention to - it was just an extra wall closet for Kirk's uniforms (we can catch a bare glimpse of it open in the background when he leaves his cabin) but episodes like "Mirror, Mirror" and especially "Elaan of Troyius" suggested it to be a bathroom, IMHO.

Kirk said to Elaan that Uhura's cabin was the best they had on board and I've taken this as a hint that Uhura's is probably among the few (if not only one) that has a bathtub and not just a (sonic?) shower.
In general (and in particular for the Season Two ones, where the corridor displaces the possibility of a bathroom, e.g. "Amok Time", "Journey to Babel"), I wonder if even the senior officers have to go for public bathrooms and showers as long as they reside in such cabins. As a spartanic Vulcan Spock might not really need a cabin with a bathroom, in the case of Kirk's cabin in "Journey to Babel" I believe this was a temporary choice and that he had given his normal one up on behalf on an ambassador who insisted on a cabin with an adjacent bathroom for the duration of their mission.

If a bare-chested captain in blue slippers is no out of the ordinary sight aboard the ship, I'd expect other personnel to be equally undressed coming from or going to a "public" shower.

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