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Re: Living witness, Implausible?

RE: Charles Phipps's point regarding copy/paste
There's commentary floating around on youtube about this episode where Picardo himself actually shows off he knows a bit more than the average joe about computers.

He question Tim Russ (who was directing this episode) why Voyager magically had a backup module for this episode and there was no hints of it before or after.

The writers, along with Tim and the rest of the staff apparently just groaned at Picardo for being too logical about the whole situation and essentially told him to "just shut up and read the damned lines".

The sad fact is, we really can't read too much into what Voyager was talking about in regards to the computer science of thing because this little story actually outright proved the writers themselves didn't have a clue what they were talking about.

I suppose we could start trying to theorycraft reasons to shove this really misshapen puzzle piece in the wrong puzzle, but after the fact, its probably better we accept that this was used as a ploy for an episode or take a slightly safer route and make a leap that the module is in fact from another universe; preferably one where the sci-fi writers have at least read up on computer science theory 101 >.<

RE: Christopher's point regarding long standing conflicts
There's actually some interesting points along the way in history that I think do give some serious precedents to grudges lasting 700 years in Earth World History.

There's a lot of examples where tribes and nation states had long, long, long standing feuds between or nations who had long standing enemies.

Some great examples to pull from:
- Rome lasted approximately 500 years. It had LOTS of enemies.
- The Crusades (as mentioned earlier in the thread) lasted approximately 300 years between all three Crusades and that figure may or may not even include a lot of the skirmishes that existed for decades after the last set of Crusades (I'd need to do some research to double check myself on this one!) The actions of the Crusades still highly resonate today.
- The Iroquois Indians and Algonquian Indians to this day still consider themselves mortal enemies in many sects. That's a gruge lasting
- The Aztec empire was built, died and rebuilt again lasting conservatively around 350 years and they had enemies out the wazzu (I say conservatively because I think its a bit longer, but thats the best dates I get out of wiki skimming it).
- The Mongol Empire started by Gangis Khan lasted nearly 250 years and one could say between orderly transitions a lot longer.

My point is 700 years, while long, isn't really THAT long in the anals of history.
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