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Hugh Mann
Re: Why a reboot was necessary (IMHO)

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That's so silly I had to take a few seconds to reboot my mind before answering. Seriously ? Many movies you'll like LESS after watching more than once. Does that make it a great movie ? I'd rather a movie that grows on me, like many Trek movies, than movies that I appreciate less and less, like The Dark Knight.
You're going to have to explain how the idea that a movie should be able to impress on the first go-around in order to be considered a good movie is silly, because it doesn't make sense. I don't even see how this is something you can seriously argue. I can get behind the notion that a good movie (as opposed to J.J. Abrams' movies) can reveal additional layers of goodness with each watching, but the idea that your opinion of a movie can go from bad to good just by virtue of repetitive viewing seems utterly stupid.

throwback wrote:
For the franchise to succeed, it needs to make itself appealable to this demographic.
What a silly thing to say. That's like saying we need to get kids to eat healthy by taking healthy snacks and making them more "appealable" by deep-frying them and lathering them in chocolate.
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