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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

AMAZING! Really looks fantastic and is an outstanding and beautiful achievement.

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I also added the instrument stand to the right of the examination bed. I could place another on the other side, but it seems a little redundant. (Some episodes featured two, others just one) Opinions?
Ouch...while I have noticed the rectangular stand or table in locations like the Season One engine room and especially in Dr. McCoy's office, I never noticed they just put a Bauhaus-style table on top of it - or my subconscious tried to forget it. IMHO, this contraption sticks out like a sore thumb and may be the reason why we didn't get a better look at it. No doubts that this is probably accurate but I wonder how it impacts the overall credibility of the exam room. Yes, I'd say another one of these is most definitely redundant.

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I also decided against putting the Saurian Brandy in the lit cabinet. Doing so would require shortening the length of the bottom shelf, which was only done in one episode, "The Enemy Within". I can always put he brandy elsewhere. Opinions?
Despite not encouraging adolescents to drink and drive and else, I was never comfortable with the public display of the Saurian Brandy bottle in "The Enemy Within" and "The Conscience of the King". It had disappeared by Season Two and Three (hopefully into McCoy's cabin) and you could, indeed, always put it elsewhere like the unseen back of the set.

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Ack! Just realized I forgot to put some spray bottles in the cabinet.
IMHO, that's not a problem that requires a fix. Those things are too darn 20th Century reminiscent and I can most definitely do without these to keep the illusion we're in the 23rd Century and not the back room of a flower shop. Just my 0.02 $.


I think the (otherwise unseen) wall in the side booth could extend further into the office area behind. Though we never saw what's on this wall (hand sterilizing sink, hyposprays or else?) I would leave this wall "unseen". Revealing that blank wall now makes the booth look like a dead space without actual function.
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