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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

It's a half hour ferry ride I thought?

Any shorter and the cheaper bastards would just swim.

From what little was described on the show (and a fraction that I read online, which is mushing) they said that everything solid became liquid, the topography was whammied as flora and fauna were seeded per some master plan decided upon 5000 years earlier.

What literally are the terraformers thousands of Satellites issuing destructive beams that turn over the Earth like we do with a spade between plantings in a cabbage patch, millions of missiles that burrow under (Like the shadow death clouds on Babylon 5) and then blast a million tones of earth into the air each. Or a nanite storm?

Was it "relatively" instantaneous, or did the transition take years?

If sections of the planet were done one piece at a time in a systematic manner, the humans would be able to run away or around what every effect was going on that might have appeared to be creeping super storms that each turned entire States or small countries into inescapable death zones.

This glowing shit they're using for fuel now, was that always there or did the Terraformers seed it? Is it from the Voltan homeworld, the emergency fuel supply if they had to pick a new home if Earth was unusable? Or was it collected on the way to Earth in ramscoops?

The smart guy who weaponized this stuff was in Nolan's jail cell so you have to suppose that whatever it is, not it's name, it's composition, is "new" to the Voltan's since they found Earth.
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