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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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Its so cute (sarcasm), how my comments gets attacked.
Why is it cute ? This is exactly how discussion works: your arguments -- not you -- are attacked and critiqued.

Secondly, It was not one person that led rotten tomatoes to shut itself down. it was a legion of Nolan fans who were sending critics death threats.
How many is a legion ? Are you saying they ALL participated ? If not, how do you know how many Nolan fans there are ? How do you know, in fact, that these peopel are Nolan fans at all ?

Here is the proof (again):
Wow. If you consider that proof, I have a bridge to sell you in New York. Seriously, the link does not mention "huge" numbers or any number at all. The most it said was "some".

Also again, the fact that a lot of people have chosen to disregard the box office earnings of star wars and star trek just proves that people are leaving in self denial when it comes to a franchise, its success and its fan base.
And another goalpost moving. We are talking about PRODUCERS. Not franchises.

Lastly, if directors, producers and actors don't matter as most of you say, then I want you to at least tell me why Sony Studios chose not to promote After Earth as a M. Night Shyamalan film.
Now this question is flatly dishonest. I've already corrected you on that. No one said it didn't matter. We disagreed that it was the ONLY reason Man of Steel was successful.
And that's my opinion.
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