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Re: Enterprise had the best looking phaser beams

The ship phasers used most in nuTrek seem to be some variation of the pulse cannon type phasers on the Defiant in DS9...

But I think they have the cutting-beam type too, we just don't see them as often, unfortunately.

The hand phasers in nuTrek seem to fire in pulses too, rather than in beams - which I don't think we've ever seen before in Trek. (I like to imagine that with all those knobs and dials we saw on the TOS phasers, different settings and different *combinations of setting* can change the way the phaser fires, not only from "stun" to "kill" - and "heat" - but from a beam to a pulse, or from a thin to a wide beam, etc. Unfortunately, for all the Alternate Universe's advanced technology, the nuTrek phasers, just like the Eneterpise-era phase pistols, just seem to have two settings - stun and kill.)
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