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Re: Enterprise MOVIES and Season 5 gossip

If the prequel show Enterprise was set ten years before we know when the Federation was formed, and if Enterprise went on to 7 seasons like the previous Berman Treks, then I could see how in the back of the minds of the producers that Trek films with that cast would be at least a possibility. The Next Gen films were already dying/dead, and you had a relatively more youthful cast (and less expensive), and concepts such as the Romulan war and birth of the Federation would provide story fodder.

I would've liked to see the show go the distance, and would've seen movies with the crew, but with the paltry budgets Trek films were getting by Nemesis, I don't see how the film franchise would've fared. Even if Enterprise was more popular ratings wise, there was a trend of diminishing returns on the "franchise" .

Regardless of how one feels about "nuTrek", it put Star Trek back into the public view in a way that Captain Archer couldn't.

Shame that the show didn't end on a better note, but neither did the Original Series!
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