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I'm in the middle of watching it on now.

I'm optimistic so far. The only houseguest I actively dislike so far is Ginamarie. She is annoying and I just know the first time somebody nominates her or anyone she likes she's going to throw tantrums. And shut up about Statten Island. I'm from Boston and you don't see me going around talking about Hahvid Yahd.

And David allows me to compare him to the SNL sketch "The Californians" all summer, which is fun to do.

Jeremy is an idiot, why would anyone want to be singled out as the person with privileges?

I like Howard and Spencer so I'm very happy they immediately allied and some of the other people seem entertaining. Nick seems like he's going to be a challenge monster. Heck, he seems like he belongs more on American Ninja Warrior than Big Brother.

Speaking of which I'm more excited about NBC's monday block, American Ninja Warrior and Get Out Alive. I liked that show a couple summers ago that was like Amazing Race except more physically demanding (The one with the Gypsys), and Get Out Alive seems like that show.
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