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Re: The Challenge of Trek 3

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Oh, and you've read and seen every single one to know that? Hmm?
That argument cuts both ways, you know ?

And no, I haven't. But I think most people would agree that most movie, if they were to see them all, would be crap to them. Also, I think most people would agree that the majority of entertainment is poorly written. It doesn't mean it's not entertaining, it's simply a fact that people with real writing talent are rarer than people with less talent; this is also true for any other talent. I don't see how my statement could be controversial.

So, I'll just file your post under "100% opinion," too.
You may not. It's certainly partly subjective, but it's not "100%" anything. You just disagree, but that doesn't make it whatever you want to label it.
I may and I will. It's 100% opinion. Your opinion doesn't become fact because you think it's a fact. The "argument" doesn't "cut both ways" because I never claimed to know about "everything." No one can. To make such a sweeping statement that "90% of everything is garbage" is in and of itself a useless, or garbage, attempt to say something definitive.

Continue to think what you want to think about "everything," but please do not try to say that your thoughts equate to objectivity.

And before you cry "off topic," I'm done talking to you about this. I don't want to see someone else's thread affected by this.

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I think you'll find that's been pretty much constant throughout the history of film or any creative art.
"Ninety percent of everything is garbage." - Theodore Sturgeon (1956)
And that's 100% opinion.
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Not really. Most movies, novels, comics, plays, etc. have been low-quality for the last few thousand years.
Oh, and you've read and seen every single one to know that? Hmm?

What is and isn't "low-quality" is subjective, although general consensuses are possible among certain crowds in some cases. So, I'll just file your post under "100% opinion," too.
All one need do is to look at records of works which are known to have been created during any period—Renaissance, Classical, Baroque, Golden Age of SF, German Expressionist cinema, you name it—and compare to which of those works are still known, appreciated, and mentioned with respect ten years later, or fifty years, or two hundred fifty, or a thousand years later. The proportion of forgettable to memorable remains remarkably steady through all periods, and belies the notion that any marked drop in quality is apparent after, say, 1990 (nor any other milestone arbitrarily selected for the purpose of advancing a wholly specious argument.)

Observation. Not unsupported "Get off my lawn"-ery.
And that's why I mentioned that a general consensus can be had among certain crowds about certain works. That still doesn't mean that just because something isn't "remembered" that it isn't good or great. Also opinions can change over time. IIRC, Van Gogh wasn't considered really "great" until after he died.

And besides, the quote said ninety percent of "everything," and that scope goes beyond art (which includes film/television) and literature. There's absolutely no way this guy could know that, and I think there's more than a good chance that it's not true. I don't think it's humanly possible to "observe" 90% of "everything," not to mention 100%.

All I know is that 90% of everything in my life and in my past experiences isn't garbage. Frankly, it just sounds like this man is miserable (or at least pessimistic). And you know what they say about misery and company...

But, you and Belz can be "right" if you want to. I'm leaving this alone as an effort to help preserve this thread and the conversation the OP might be trying to have.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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