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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

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It kind of gives me the creeps when people I don't know, call me by name. Regular customers at my store sometimes do this.
They assume a familiarity because of frequency. It's weird when they do it and you've no idea what their name is, because they're just one of an endless stream of customers.

The customers I didn't like were the one who would ask you questions outside of the store. Back when I worked in a bookstore, I'd have people come up to me when I was at lunch and ask about a new title. The worst part is I'd answer them.

I never went in for the address them by name rule. It always reminded me of a scene in the The Jerk where Navin Johnson ( Steve Martin) keeps calling the customer getting gas "Mrs. Neusbaum, when it's obvious he's neither female or a Neusbaum.

I try to treat every one I meet with basic courtesy and respect, irregardless of age. How they act after that initial meeting will determine if I continue to do so.
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