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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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It is no coincidence that most of Nolan films are on IMDB's top 250. Why? because he has huge fan base.
Sorry, the conclusion does not follow from the observation - not even close. If I say "most of Nolan's films are in the top 250 because they're exceptionally entertaining, and this is why he has fans" I've presented a better argument than yours. That doesn't make me right either, BTW; my reasoning is just a little better.

As a person who has a huge and even professional background in media, entertainment and pop culture.
I doubt it.

I will say that directors and producers and even the actors matter when it comes to a film's success.
"Even the actors?" Even? My friend, the actors matter a great deal more to getting butts in the seats than the directors and producers do. This is why the actors are often paid a great deal more than the people responsible for putting the movie together.

One would think that someone with a "huge, even professional background in media" would be aware of something so basic.
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