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Re: Galileo restored!

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. . . BTW - if you look carefully at the original Galileo 7 episode - you can see hand prints, paint overspray, and other paint issues. Heck, if you look at the impulse deck carefully you can see the reflection of the crew and the camera shooting the scene. We didn't restore the hand prints, or the "scorch marks" from the bad landing, or the dirt on the nacelles.
When Star Trek TOS was being produced, the Galileo only had to look good on film -- which was typically being viewed on CRT television screens with 525-line resolution. Now she's being seen up close with every detail visible. I'm sure the old girl is looking better now than she ever did back in the Sixties.

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. . .I'm wondering, though, how much of the original is left in the restored ship and what's being done with the unused original parts? I'm sure a lot of fans would be happy to have a small piece of the original shuttlecraft.
Ah, the Ship of Theseus paradox. It's been mentioned here before.

As I understand it, pretty much the entire outer skin of plywood and masonite was too rotted to be salvageable and had to be replaced. The inner steel frame, nacelles, wings, pylons and landing gear are all original.

So, since steel is heavier than wood, if you measure by weight, the ship is probably still more than 50% original material.
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