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- God, David is a meathead.
- Andy is this year’s gay stereotype. When does he have his break down? I had made it clear in previous seasons that they need to ditch this effeminate gay stereotype. I would love if just once they could find a gay man who didn’t fall into it.
- Seeing Rachel wanted to make me throw up. Luckily we have her clones in Gina Marie and Elissa.
- Jessie – “Girls are jealous of me….” = Instablock
- I’ve never really realized how fake and staged these introductions are until now.
- Judd looks like he’s one step below literate.
- Definitely pulling for Spencer, McCrae, and to a lesser extent Nick.
- The “Cherokee” needs to tone that down or we’ll be seeing some lawsuits.
- Have you ever met a more vain group of women in your life?
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