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Phase II Enterprise Study Model

Back in the Summer of 2007 I did a clean up of the one-to-one scale (with the studio model) plans and the additional cross-section and bottom view for the Phase II Enterprise (that work can be found here). I had started in on drafting plans to make a more complete view of the Phase II Enterprise, attempting to fill in the gaps in data from Jefferies' plans with information from photos of Brick Price's studio model. Even with the combination of that data, there remained gaps which needed filling... but I didn't want to pollute the plans with my interpretations, I wanted the plans to be historically accurate with what the artists of Phase II were building. So I shelved the project with the intent to return to it one day.

I had set out to start in on doing research for this project again within the coming year. I knew that to start up again and to be ready to ask the right questions I'd need to go back and reassess what I had done previously and what new data had come to light in the intervening years. Oddly enough, recent events (which I'm not at liberty to discuss) pushed this forward with the possibility of access to new data of the Phase II Enterprise that should be able to fill in gaps that stopped my previous work.

At any rate, I work better with a three dimensional representation of what I'm working on (that is, I work better with a physical representation), so I started in on building a study model. The model itself will be about 1/500 scale and the primary hull and secondary hull are heavily modified parts from the AMT/ERTL refit kit. All other aspects of the model are scratch built, and considering the amount of effort required to modify the few AMT/ERTL parts I used, I should have scratch built those sections as well (live and learn).

I've made a ton of progress in my research and now have a pretty good idea of what Jefferies had intended for the Enterprise to look like. That research has also shown that the Price/Loos studio model deviated from Jefferies' version in a number of spots (most likely because of the time pressure to finish the model and Jefferies' lack of availability). Because of this, what had originally been a project to draw up a single set of plans has now been divided into two projects, one documenting the Jefferies' designs and the second the Price/Loos studio model.

My study model should mainly reflect Jefferies' designs, but as the model has been a research tool and I'm also not really that much of a model builder to begin with, it won't be the perfect representation of Jefferies' designů just the best I can do at my skill level.

I started the model back in October, and it has reached a surprising (at least to me) level of completion.

It only has a single nacelle right now because it was easier to build one, make a mold and then cast two nacelles that matched each other than it would have been to scratch build two. I'm pretty close to making the molds off the master nacelle and only have a few other elements to finish building (including the phaser assembly at the base of the dorsal).

Between the added information I've gotten and the process of actually building a physical model from Jefferies' plans, I've learnt a lot more about the Phase II Enterprise than I had from the clean up project I did back in 2007. This was a really cool design and I think would have been great to see on screen (even in the form that Price and Loos had built it).

At any rate, just thought I'd share this with you guys.
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