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Re: Why do so many people rag on "Dear doctor"

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Whoever decided to turn the principle that 'We can not interfere in other cultures' into 'We must let them die because nature said so' is a horrible writer.

That's the best thing Into Darkness did: They took the prime directive back.
I like Tom Paris' line that "They're all going to die! Anything's got to be better than that." When Janeway cited the Prime Directive.

That was probably my favorite part of Into Darkness when Kirk blatantly ignored the PD and even Spock logiced himself into going along with it. And really that's the only time -anyone- has tried to hold a captain accountable for breaking it.

This episode of Enterprise just ruined the character of Phlox for me. With morals like that, I could just see him chipperly working in a concentration camp too or something, saying he's not the one who made things like this, he's just going along with it. Archer at least was already established as a bonehead.
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