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Re: Will the Dominion be a complete non-factor in the JJ-Verse?

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The Nerada was also able to shrug off the explosion of the USS Kelvin whereas the Doomsday machine was destroyed by the explosion of the Constellation.
Careful, now. The Narada was crippled by the explosion, and (in a deleted scene anyway) its crew was captured by Klingons. It was clearly unable to continue attacking the shuttles, in any case. The Doomsday Machine was destroyed by a much more powerful explosion, also.

For an example from merely forty years tech difference:-
Isn't that more like thirty ?
Yeah, perhaps "survive" would have been a better term than "shrug off", with all those chunks flying off the Narada after the Kelvin blew!

The Final Countdown was released in 1980, so 39 years after Pearl Harbour, but yeah the F14 Tomcat was introduced into service in 1974. Then again, I think the Zeros would have still been outmatched by the 1960's era Phantoms, so the tech imbalance could be drastic even after only about twenty years!
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