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Re: Wesley Crusher reviews Star Trek Into Darkness

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I'm still not getting the outrage over seeing Marcus in her undies.
I think at least part of it is the way they shot the thing that low camera angle and full frontal pose really gave the shot a pervy vibe. You'll note that the two Caitians in Kirk's bed earlier in the film and Uhura's disrobing to change in ST'09 haven't generated nearly as much discussion, IMO because they were staged far more naturally and so didn't call attention to themselves.
I agree.

I think the pose was intended to show that Marcus didn't really care that Kirk was looking at her but it also came out looking as you say 'pervy'.
It's not the look of it that bothers me but the set up; in ST09 Gaila was making out with Kirk and Uhura was in her quarters, just off shift , with only her room mate there (as far as she knew when she started stripping) - both IMO good reasons for their undress. Whereas Carol getting her kit off in the middle of a discussion with Kirk seems forced.

I' ve read a number of attempted explanations, btw but none I find especially convincing.

I still don't think it is sexist but I do find it exploitative and poorly written.
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