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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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And I'm also unable to see the need of a desk and computer in every two bed cabin for the crew. During work shifts or during sleeping time, this area will never be used and thus would constitute a waste of precious space.
True. But not all 1-person-cabins would have to be as big as those of the senior officers. Garrovick´s could really be just the "half" we see, with an unseen bathroom to complete it.
This is a really cool point!

Yes, if you do it this way the crew person would still have their own private space (even if they had to have a "shared' bathroom) and more important it's a way to not necessarily have to have the "isolation rooms" that FJ came up with-- or at least not as many of them would be necessary. I really like this idea. The bed, wardrobe and maybe a "hidden" desk or something like that to do a few personal desk-type things (maybe it'd be a flip-down? Or slide-out? Or maybe it's even hidden in the wardrobe and could be a portion, or half, of the wardrobe cylinder itself!!!).

Plus, with the kind of technology the Federation has you could say that the walls of every cabin are virtually "soundproof", even if it's not because of higher-tech in the building materials but even because of "sound dampener fields" or something else like that. This would make the cabins truly "private".

This sounds really neat and is sensable because it avoids the "bunk bed ' approach which would be probably unbearable on a 5 year deep space mission-- and it makes the fact that there's wide hallways/ corridors on these ships more acceptable, because at least it makes it look like the designers at Star Fleet are thinking of both the people working on and crewing the ships AND the fact that they need "private time & space", as well as the TV reality that they couldn't make the corridors any narrower in real life. (Plus it makes sense to say the corridor widths are just yet another thing that's done to give the crews more 'sanity' and sense of space on such long missions!).

Excellent idea. I hope you use it, Mr. Comsol.

Peace all.
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