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Re: Microsoft planning complete reversal of DRM policy for Xbox One

Brand new? No. But the price of PC games dose drop way quicker than on consoles and add to that Steam's frequent sales you can get games that are less than a year old for less than a tenner.

I realise it's not the best example since it's more like two years old, but just the other week I picked up Witcher 2 for 5. I'd like to see PSN or XBL match that!

I've also noticed that console games have a very definite minimum price threshold, regardless of age. Very few that I've seen get below the 20 mark and fewer still sell new for as little as 10-15. PC games the other hand go right down to bargain bin 2-5 range. Indeed, I''m pretty sure I recently spotted Batman Arkham Asylum on Amazon for 2.99...for the PC. The console versions were closer to 15.

Is it any wonder why nobody cares that there's no used game market for PC games? Or that the one for console games is so prevalent. Honestly I think the best thing the publishers can do to combat this lost source of revenue is reduce their prices.

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