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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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It's strange but not surprising that there are a few on this forum who accept just about everything from warp drive and tele-transportation to green ladies and tribbles, but can't seem to wrap their untalented little minds around the no money concept because it makes them feel queasy for some jingoistic reason. They find it an affront to their petty idol god of capital. Never mind that under the money system they remain alienated wage-slaves and debt-slaves. Yet, in their chronic absurdity they accept and defend this condition vigorously if clumsily and become only outraged at any suggestion of an improved state of affairs for them.

"If they had asked, Ledje told her, I might even have told them; I was running away to the Culture because I heard they'd escaped the tyranny of money and individual power, and that all people were equal here, men and women alike, with no riches or poverty to put one person above or beneath another." Surface Detail by Iain Banks.
I hope you aren't speaking of me: that would be a misrepresentation of my opinion.
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