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Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions

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In fact, i do remember seeing an interview with Moffat, in which he, asked about it, said that the Master does not interest him that much as a villain, problem is i do not remember the specifics nor where exactly i saw it.
Now I hate Moffat even more. He really is a selfish bastard, he's just writing for himself. "I don't like the Master, so I won't use him, I don't like the daleks that much, but I have to use them so I'll turn them into the teletubbies toilets".
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The new Doctor's look very much depends on who they cast, I don't think you can foist a look on an actor, Moffat's 'pirate' outfit by all accounts looked terrible on Smith, for him the scatty professor look (at least initially) was perfect. Just try and imagine Ten dressed as Nine and Nine dressed as Ten, wouldn't have worked.
Actually, I think ten dressed as nine could have worked. I liked the look. Nine as ten though would be an ultimate fail.

I've not actually seen the "pirate" Smith suit.

10 close to 9... it works.
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