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Re: New Arrested Development! (SPOILERS)

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- Steve Holt does look quite different. Was the actor really in make-up? I didn't recognize him either when GOB was talking to him in the bar.

- I wouldn't have appreciated the "George Maharis" bit if I hadn't heard about the name change and read about the actor beforehand. Like George Michael, he was also arrested for a sex act in a public washroom. I also appreciate that they gave the audience a chance to look him up so that they could be in on the joke.
Yes, the actor who plays Steve Holt (Justin Grant Wade) was wearing make-up and a wig, he does not look like that today. Did you notice he changed the sign on his shop to "Steve Holt! (and Dad) Pest Control"?

Another layer to the George Maharis joke: the actor George Maharis was arrested in a public bathroom with a hairdresser named Perfecto Telles.
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