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Re: How do Combadges stick to uniforms?

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This, I guess...
"Geckos have the remarkable ability to run at any orientation on just about any smooth or rough, wet or dry, clean or dirty surface. The basis for geckos' adhesive properties is in the millions of micron-scale setae on each toe of the gecko form a self-cleaning dry adhesive. The tip of each seta consists of 100 to 1000 spatulae only 100 nanometers in diameter. Our interdisciplinary team of biologists and engineers has been working since 1998 developing models for how the natural nanostructures function in a hierachical combination of spatulae, spatular stalks, setal stalks, setal arrays, and toe mechanics, and developing nanofabrication processes which allow large arrays of hair patches to be economically fabricated."
To me, this makes the most sense by far.
I apologize for being late to the game, but now I have this vision of the Captain ordering the beams of pure antigeckonium be fired on the other ship, and seeing everyone on that ship suddenly slipping and sliding around, unable to even sit in the perfectly-frictionless chairs, much less take effective action. And then, for the coup de grace, the captain orders the communications officer to open a channel to the beaten vessel ... and start playing ``Yakity Sax''.
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