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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Except that Starfleet is very clearly military. It was depicted as one in TOS.
And not in any other production since, as every later TV series has explicitly described Starfleet as a non-military organization for whom combat is an important but secondary role.

Okay, during TNG Roddenberry was on some utopian hippy high and felt militaries weren't civilized or some such nonsense and therefore declared that Starfleet isn't a military. It doesn't make sense, and totally flies in the face of everything established about Starfleet in TOS.
There's a dizzying number of things that contradict what was established in TOS. The nature of Starfleet is only the most subtle, especially since that depiction could easily go either way.

As for Rodenberry's "hippy high" that sort of illustrates my point. TNG was written and produced in the 1980s, when psychological and political scars of Vietnam were still fresh in everyone's mind; DS9, on the other hand, came out in the aftermath of the Gulf War when "Yay for the military!" was again a popular sentiment, only to have that transform into "Yay for... soldiers" during Iraq and Afghanistan where Americans were less supportive of the military than they were of individual soldiers in it.

And unfortunately, everyone who has been in power over Trek since, Berman, Braga, and now Abrams have clung to this idea.
There's nothing unfortunate about it. We as a country have had put up with a lot of stupid bullshit due to of influence of our military-industrial complex. We are living proof that a government that HAS a powerful military will have a tendency to misuse that power at the expense of both the citizens and members of said military.

It's a theme that has been repeated in Star Trek over and over and over again: EVERY time Starfleet has been compared to "the military" it has been in the context of Starfleet doing something it isn't supposed to be doing.
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