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The USS Piran, NCC 42127 - A is a cornwall class starship and the second to bear the name. Construction on the vessel started in 2378 and she was the 121st cornwall class ship put into production. In 2382, construction was finished and she sat in dry dock at Utopia planitia, Mars awaiting her offical designation.

However, in early 2382, the USS Piran, NCC 42127 (an Excelsior class starship) was lost after answering a distress call from sb 232. SB 232 was under attack from the Tholian alliance as yet another bold move during a course of the recent offensives against the Federation. The Piran was able to take 1 Tholian Battleship out before being destroyed by the remaining three by a Tholian weapon created when the ships joined at one of the three points on each ships hull.

The surviving crew were ferried onboard various freighters and starships that were able to clear the vicinity of SB 232 due to the diversion cause by the Piran. 245 crew members were killed when the Piran's warp core breached and exploded however, countless thousands more lives were lost whilst trapped on the Starbase.

Two days after leaving the scxene of the battle Captain Phillips and his crew along with the refugees from SB 232 arrived at Starbase T'Plana Hath to see a horde of freighters and ships of various classes sporting various amounts of damage. They had arrived at the HQ of Thunderfleet.

The adventures of the crew of the USS Piran begin at this point. The start of the defence of SB T'plana Hath in a joint mission with the captains of the variious ships of Thunderfleet. Communications were lost with Earth recently and it is unknown how much damage has been done. Things dont look good for the Federation with foreign powers possibly plotting and schemeing against them, even old allies. These are trying times ahead for all involved.

Come join the USS Piran as she boldly patrols the Higways of hell, going where most men have gone before in the roll of defence rather than exploration. It wont always be plain sailing but with a sturdy ship and a strong crew, who knows what problems can be over come and what adventures may be faced....

The USS Piran is simming circa 2382 at the moment. Each mission will vary in length from 5 days to 6 months dependent on the current situation and what is required of her. As with most Roleplays the start of the story is set in stone but everything after that is affected by each and every action of the players. There is never a definitive end to each story arc, only an ending that the players themselves have managed to work towards and create.

As with most sims in AQSG, i only expect a minimum of 1-2 posts a week per crew member. More would be appreciated but as is taught in the accademy RL takes prescidence. If for any reason a player feels that he/she cannot reach the minimum posting requirements or needs to take a little time out then we can work around him/her and find ways to temporarily write him/her out of the sim for as long as needs be.

I like the idea of encouraging players through the use of the AQSG awards that are avaliable and will generally award them as I see fit (within reason and fairly) at the end of each mission. The same goes for reprimands both IC and OOC (though i will rarely ever give ooc reprimands unless they are absolutly nesicary). I like to encourage players to build on character development so, if they feel that there character isnt doing anything important they can post some character material. I will always try to find something for a department head and his/her section to do and will rarely ever leave them out. If for any reason do forget about them then they should feel that they can approach me OCC and express their feelings about it.

The most important thing i feel is that i want this sim to be fun and each story to be something different or introduce new ideas. If the engineer wants to work on a new piece of technology that can be encorporated its fine by me as long as its realistic to the trek world. The most important thing about the Sim is to have fun. If anybody isnt then I feel that I, as the GM will have failed.

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