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Re: Interviewing someone for a job...

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Don't waste your time asking people what their faults are. Why would you purposely give them an opportunity to lie to you. It's not even like this question shows anything, because people are so used to answering this question that they already have their answers well-rehearsed.

No one's going to tell you anything you can really base your decision on:

"I'm always late."
"I call in sick a lot."
"I think my coworkers are assholes."

You'll just get the bullshit:

"I work too much overtime."
"I have problems delegating because I want everything done perfectly. I'd rather just stay as late as necessary to do it all myself."
"I like to be challenged and would prefer to have multiple simultaneous priorities to deal with."

What have you learned? Absolutely nothing.
Yet the suits love it...
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