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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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The only reason why man of steel did so well at the box office is because the film has the Nolan name stamped on it


It might shock some folks to learn that over nine out of ten people who go to the movies have no idea who produces, directs or writes a given film. There are only one or two names that are actually well-known to the majority of the general public; Nolan isn't one of them (nor, apropos of nothing, is Whedon or Bay).

The association of certain behind-the-scenes folks with a movie is enough to get the attention of fans and aficionados, which helps to promote a movie - but it's not nearly enough to draw in the audience and make a film a big hit.

Man Of Steel is a better and more accessible movie - and a lot more people give a crap about Superman than Star Trek. It's that simple.
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Believe me. man of steel did well because it has Nolan's name on it.
Why should anyone believe you? Support your assertion with facts, statistics and reasoning.

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superman returns is clearly the better film but no one cares. I just don't know, but Nolan has this thing on fan boys and I don't mean fan boys as an insult. Any film he does will be a success because he has a mighty fan boy fan base.
You say that you don't mean "fan boys" as an insult, yet use it in insulting fashion in the very same sentence and in the sentence following. Haven't you learned by now not to do that?

Respectfully, I can support my opinion with facts. As I have done my research.

It is no coincidence that most of Nolan films are on IMDB's top 250. Why? because he has huge fan base. Nolan's fan base is like the twilight fan base. His films will always be successful regardless of what the critics think.

here is my back up:

A lot of his fans also forced rotten tomatoes to shut itself down because his fans (most of them young guys and teen boys) where sending film critics death threats after they gave TDKR negative reviews. here is the link:

Also again , I don't mean fan boys as an insult. Most Nolan fans or just comic fans refer to themselves as fan boys. It is not an insult. However I wont use it again since it is classified as insult on this site.

As a person who has a huge and even professional background in media, entertainment and pop culture. I will say that directors and producers and even the actors matter when it comes to a film's success.

I also backed up my opinion as facts when I compared the way WB and Sony promoted and advertised their respective films: Man of Steel and After Earth.

As for those saying people don't care about the critical reception. I will say yes and no on that.

A film with an unknown director or without a solid fan base is likely suffer at the box office if it gets bad reviews.

However a film with a huge fan base like Twilight and Batman will always be bullet proof at the box office because the fans would not care what the critics think.

If anyone wants more proof or want the facts, please it is right in front of you.

The never ending debate of Star Trek vs Star Wars.

All star wars films including episode I and II have been successful at the box office even with the negative reviews and why? ...Well, Star Wars has one of he biggest fan base of all time.

As for Star Trek films?? every star trek films with negative reviews like Nemesis or Final Frontal has always flopped at the box office and why? Trek fan base while been huge in its own right is still behind the Star Wars fan base.

I can prove this as facts:

All this things matters. If it didn't, Movie production companies like WB,FOX and Disney would have been bankrupt by now.

I can also give more of my opinions as facts by explaining why Disney chose to have Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers as the face of Disney 5 or 6 years ago.

Let me just say two words: TEEN GIRLS.
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