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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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9 points: Galaxy 4 & Celestial Toymaker - only three episodes to do, but no telesnaps for reference. If you ignore the telesnap issue, then these become the most likely candidates apart from Crusade and Menace.
They are two very different produuctions, the 1/4 (or closer to 1/3 including the lengthy clip from part 1) of Galaxy 4 gives you a much better represenation of the whole story than Toymaker's final episode does of that one. You have all the characters and costumes, all the sets. All four episodes of Toymaker were completely different.

However if a Galaxy Four animation was up for consideration I can't imagine they would have given away the recovered episode so easily.

If on the otherhand they did think maybe they'd be able to release the whole story later anyway, that there was no point doing anything too fancy now and just get it out there.... well that's how conspiracies start!
That did occur to me about Toymaker, but that then opens up the question of whether the animators might find it easier to have more freedom to indulge their imaginations, rather than reproducing reference images.
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