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Re: Does Star Fleet not run psychiatric examinations on its recruits?

Sure, the holodecks are just for recreation. That doesn't mean that one cannot abuse recreational things...

He obviously has an unhealthy addiction to the holodeck, when prevents him from being able to relate to real members of the crew. And for the intents and purposes that the crew relies on each other to be healthy, both physically and mentally, I find it hard to believe that a captain wouldn't restrict his access to the holodeck.

And OF COURSE he would fail a psychiatric examination! Working on a star ship requires both working in and living in a social situation, constantly. You don't get many chances to be alone and your ability to not only devise solutions but to convince your coworkers to trust your judgement with their lives is vitally important.

I feel terrible for anyone who's ever had to work with that guy. What a loser...
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