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Re: Is this guy a few sandwiches short of a picnic?? (time traveler)

OK, so I humored this guy and watched some youtube videos of his alleged exploits at DARPA as a child, and while he seems to be a very good storyteller, there are some serious problems with his narrative of events. I'll just ignore the possible problems with the technology, and just point out inconsistencies in his story. He claims that children were chosen for the project because time travel does not affect them in a negative way, like it does adults, and yet he claims he met his adult, time traveling father, during a trip back to Gettysburg in 1865.

He also claims that trips back in time can only last about 15 minutes before the device loses energy or something like that...yet his narrative of his actions in 1865 clearly could not take place in the span of only 15 minutes. Later, he also started making claims that the time travel may have sent them back to 'synthetic realities' created by aliens.....and yet, he claims that the child in the foreground of the famous picture of Lincoln's head at Gettysburg, is him, which could only be the case if he was physically present in 1865. Basically, he's either a very gifted liar, or a total psycho, but the inconsistencies in his story mean that he can't be telling the truth .

If this guy decided to stop being crazy, and instead become a science fiction writer, then he would probably be successful .
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