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Re: Best Audio Book?

So, I've been listening to the Freebie downloads at work today:

Mission of the Viyrans (Single episode) - Kinda Meh. Doctor-lite, not much investigation, seems like a clip show. Also, I found out after listening, it is part 3 of 3. Might be better in context. Also, I know the character Erimem, but, haven't listened to any of her stories. So, it was kind of a bummer that a spoiler for her was apparently spit out. If you haven't listened to this story, be sure to listen to the first two parts first. At some point I'll get the other 2 parts and listened to it again properly

Short Trips: Rise and Fall (Ian and Doctor One) (Single Episode) - I enjoyed this little trip, nice to hear Ian narrate it

UNIT - The Coup (Single Episode) - First Unit story, was pretty cute, interested in hearing more in the future

Cuddlesome (2 Episodes) - Peter Davison and Peri. This one was really cool. I thought it was gonna be awful, but I liked it quite a bit.

Listening to the Dalek Story now, which is 1:15. That suggests to me it's 3 episodes long, though I don't recall the first episode ending until about 38 minutes in, so maybe 2 episodes 38 minutes each. Enjoying it so far.
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