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Re: The Challenge of Trek 3

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Admiral Buzzkill wrote:

''I think you're going to need to post some evidence that the folks who comprise "modern audiences" have more limited IQs than you do before any of this can be taken seriously.''

What better place to start than the weekly top-grossing US films for any given week since, say, 1990? You'll find SOME quality and a lot of something else...
I think you'll find that's been pretty much constant throughout the history of film or any creative art.
"Ninety percent of everything is garbage." - Theodore Sturgeon (1956)
And that's 100% opinion.
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And that's 100% opinion.
Not really. Most movies, novels, comics, plays, etc. have been low-quality for the last few thousand years.
Oh, and you've read and seen every single one to know that? Hmm?

What is and isn't "low-quality" is subjective, although general consensuses are possible among certain crowds in some cases. So, I'll just file your post under "100% opinion," too.
All one need do is to look at records of works which are known to have been created during any period—Renaissance, Classical, Baroque, Golden Age of SF, German Expressionist cinema, you name it—and compare to which of those works are still known, appreciated, and mentioned with respect ten years later, or fifty years, or two hundred fifty, or a thousand years later. The proportion of forgettable to memorable remains remarkably steady through all periods, and belies the notion that any marked drop in quality is apparent after, say, 1990 (nor any other milestone arbitrarily selected for the purpose of advancing a wholly specious argument.)

Observation. Not unsupported "Get off my lawn"-ery.
"It is my belief that nearly any invented quotation, played with
confidence, stands a good chance to deceive."
— Mark Twain
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