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Re: What if instead of the classic phrases

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And other old Trek references which they felt obligated to do to keep the hardcore trekkies happy ( i watched almost all Trek episodes and read some books but i don't care for easter eggs in the new movie) they would had casted one of the old captains is a major role in Into Darknesss? I feel that the Tribble, Spock and thei am a doctor... kind of detract for the plot. I feel that way they could had made the hardcore fans more happy and the plot would be more straightforward and focused. Weller did a good job but Stewart or Books or Mulgre could had done just as well.
As an OS fan I would have been disappointed if they had not included some homages. It is, after all, a revisiting of those characters. These are the characterizations of them I found lacking in the OS film era. The reviving of these characters in this way literally is a dream come true.

All that said, I would not be opposed to prime universe actors being given alternate character roles in nuverse stories, so long as they don't become a hugh drain on the budget. I am accepting new actors in classic roles so accepting classic actors in nu roles shouldn't be a problem.
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