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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

After marathoning the original movies and SR the past few days, the stark difference from the first 5 films and MoS really became apparent... MoS was an action movie, while the first 5 were movies with some action in them. The focus was on the characters in the first films. The action was meant to supplement that. In MoS, the action was the point. It was basically "I want to see two kryptonians going at it all out!" and the movie was designed solely to get to that point. It's why the characterisation fell flat, most of the moments felt forced, and the whole ending sequence made no sense in regards to the Superman character. It was never really about the symbol of Superman... it was all about seeing those powers in action with someone equal to him in strength.

Probably why some have been able to enjoy the film... and It's the reason I only grow more tired of it each day. Superman II, even 30 years ago and without the tech to pull off the stunning effects, delivers a far more satisfying and true battle of Kryptonians... if only MoS had understood what Superman is all about and used those effects to enhance it instead of smother it... man it could have been an extremely special movie. I mean, you can see the potential in MoS, but it was just never realised.
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