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Re: restoring farmland after oil spill - advice needed

thank you all for the excellent suggestions, and my appologies for being so late to respond - I had a most embarassing accident (fell off my desk when chasing a spider and hurt my knee quite badly) and wasn't online because I had trouble with the stairs to my study.

I'll PM farmkid right away. A farming chemist is just what I need Thanks, Locutus!

I had no idea you Americans had floods in so many states! Over here we hear only of very few ones. I'll definitely look all the major ones up and see what I can find, soil restoration-wise.

Teya, thanks for the hint about the rain saturated soil. I had completely forgotten to take that factor into account. This would indeed keep the oil quite close to the surface where we can deal with it =)
10 feet topsoil loss? Ouch! The poor farmers!! (Still, an amazing soil quality) We usually have only about 1 foot farmable soil at all here. 2-3 in the best parts. If you dig 10 feet deep you're likely to hit ground water or at least a massive layer of pebbles on the right riverbank. On the left one you hit massive granite at about 5 ft.
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