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Re: For the authors, how did you break into the Trek novel industry?

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Did you write a trek novel, find an agent, and then pitched it to pocket books?

If I were to write a stand alone Trek novel, how hard would it be to get it published, say for an unpublished writer?
It almost never works that way for tie-in fiction. Editors commission authors to develop novels for them, and the novel outlines have to be approved by the studio before the author can proceed with the manuscript. If you already have an agent, or some other professional connection/experience that can bring you to the editor's attention, then you can request an opportunity to pitch; and I believe there's a submission process where one can submit an outline and sample chapters (through an agent), but that's more of an audition to show your ability to write and to follow instructions, and you probably wouldn't be asked to write that actual novel, but instead the editor would work with you to develop a different one.

There have been other options in the past. The Strange New Worlds contest for new Trek authors brought in a number of writers who went on to do novels, including Dayton Ward and William Leisner. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers e-book series was often a testing ground for new writers that editor Keith DeCandido was willing to take a chance on; that's how I broke in after Keith became aware of me through this very BBS (although I was already a published writer with two original novelettes to my name). But those avenues are no longer available.

The best way to break into writing is to focus on original writing, since there are far more markets you can submit that to.
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