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Re: The Challenge of Trek 3

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Oh, and you've read and seen every single one to know that? Hmm?
That argument cuts both ways, you know ?

And no, I haven't. But I think most people would agree that most movie, if they were to see them all, would be crap to them. Also, I think most people would agree that the majority of entertainment is poorly written. It doesn't mean it's not entertaining, it's simply a fact that people with real writing talent are rarer than people with less talent; this is also true for any other talent. I don't see how my statement could be controversial.

So, I'll just file your post under "100% opinion," too.
You may not. It's certainly partly subjective, but it's not "100%" anything. You just disagree, but that doesn't make it whatever you want to label it.
And that's my opinion.
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