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Myself, I can't understand how such a minor element could bring down an entire franchise for anyone.

Yeah, I thought it was over the top on the first viewing, but that's it. The very next shot makes you forget it immediately.
I agree with Belz, Spock screaming Khan was stupid.
Please do not put words in my mouth. You know full well that this isn't what I said. I said it was over the top on the first viewing. I didn't say stupid. On the second viewing, however, it wasn't that bad.

But Spock fighting Khan on a hovering vehicle was even more stupider!
That is also not what I said. You are misrepresenting me, which is bad form. I said it made you forget it, which in this case means the next scene is pretty awesome (the Vengeance crashing down on Earth).
And that's my opinion.

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