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A few more things...

I think STID has very little going for it and is surprisingly lightweight. There are few consequences, this altered universe isn't really explored at all save for one scene where Spock addresses his emotional state with Uhura (that really worked in my opinion and was unquestionably the movie's strongest scene and the most relevant). But this film is all about emotion, but it doesn't hold up to well with the character set-ups and the muddled plot throughout. It's so muddled I was seeing contradictions and holes everywhere, and that has never happened when I've watched a Star Trek film before for the first couple of times.

I don't even go out of my way to look for plotholes, I just instead follow the story's flow of logic. Kirk so passionately going out of his way to break the rules and cover-up his rule-breaking was the first red flag. Put it this way, when I watched ST 09 for the first time there was a logic to it all, and only a couple of times did I think to myself that something didn't make any sense. With STID that has been multiplied several times!

There's implausible (the sort you can overlook cos its fiction) and really implausible. ST 09 was a better movie because it did crazy things, it had the balls to destroy Vulcan and Romulus, it had the balls to pair up old Spock with the new one. In ST 09 there were real consequences and it was a bold story and sure it had its OTT moments, but it didn't rely on them so much unlike STID. Though Spock/Uhura was probably the first warning sign that contrived scenes would be used for the sake of eliciting an emotion regardless of continuity or logical character development.

I don't really care if STID is just a remake of TWOK, but I do feel STID had such wasted potential and it should have played to this universe's strengths by building on what happened in ST 09. Heck they could have made two additional films or even a trilogy concerning perhaps a war between the Klingons and the Federation, and how with the loss of Vulcan the Federation isn't in such a good shape. Or something along those lines.

Did JJ and his teams of writers really spend two or three years trying to find the best possible script, or the one which was the most rife with emotion and soap-operas?
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